Letchworth Beer & Cider Festival 2012 App

The official Letchworth Beer & Cider Festival 2012 Android app!


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The official (and only) Letchworth Garden City Beer Festival 2012 app. Check out the 50+ cask ales, 10+ foreign beers and 15+ ciders & perries *before* you even queue up at the bar!

Data is taken from a publicly viewed feed which hopefully would be up to date. Rate and make your own notes about your samplings of the festival wares - no more random pieces of paper to lose!

More details on the festival: @North Herts site

Any feedback, post them on my personal site.

Please note: limited testing facilities are available in development, so any issues (reasonably worded) I may be able to look into. Notes you write are only stored on your device and are currently not uploaded anywhere.

Rated 'high-level maturity' due to being related to the consumption of alcohol.

The entire cask ale, foreign beer, cider and perry list is shown.

View details on the breweries/producers.

See the taste notes for your beer (or cider/perry) and write your own!

Multiple notes and ratings means you can compare different times you've had the same beverage.

View a filtered version of the list.

The list will have items crossed out as soon as they are marked 'gone'

Filter the list according to the ones you have rated/made notes - this makes them 'ticked'

You can view 'unticked' - unrated items - so you can track down which ones you might like next.