Web beanie, mobile application meddler, amateur illustrator, has fondness for beer...

.. oh and I like sushi


  • Aussie expat with CompSci background.
  • Normally codes in 'the 3 Ps' (Python, Perl, PHP), but ready to pick up new languages.
  • Works under a basic Linux/Unix environment (Vim) for most coding though I use Eclipse for Android dev. Backups with CVS, SVN (preferred), Mecurial (for a certain project), Git (liking this, though newest to me.)
  • Some httpd maintenance, and (on this server) NginX. Yes, that means "LAMP" in the stretched sense.
  • Prefers to use standards
  • Likes sites accessible without Javascript, though it has it's place. Uses mainly Script.aculo.us and JQuery.
  • On Java: experimented with J2ME in the past, now Android.
  • Illustrates with GIMP and Inkscape - note, they are Open Source (and free, for that matter).

Notice: As of the 19th of August 2011, now known as 'The Great Harddrive Fire of 2011', I've lost a bunch of work which will take time to restore in old backups. Thanks for your patience while the cleanup is in progress.


Some of the things I've done outside an office (web|Android)


preview: ColourBox

ColourBox - Bento

A blog for my bento (boxed-lunch).


preview: ColourBox - BentoA graphic heavy WordPress theme created from scratch.

preview: nightingalehitchin.co.ukUsing 'feature image' heavily

Uses WordPress on a custom theme

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preview: camranorthherts.org.uk

CAMRA North Hertfordshire Branch

Beer sure seems to be on my mind a lot.


preview: camranorthherts.org.ukEvents highlighted on the front page.

preview: camranorthherts.org.ukNo 'empty page' placeholders, and a less complex menu

Created custom Wordpress theme and tweaked plugins; I volunteer to maintain this too.

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preview: nightingalehitchin.co.uk

The Nightingale Public House

Working on something beer related doesn't seem so work-like.


preview: nightingalehitchin.co.ukFinding this pub on the internet is much easier.

preview: nightingalehitchin.co.ukA live beer list plus news/blog posts

Uses Django, Script.aculo.us

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preview: Letchworth 2012 Beer & Cider Festival App

Letchworth 2012 Beer & Cider Festival

The official (and only) Letchworth Garden City Beer Festival 2012 app. Check out the 50+ cask ales, 10+ foreign beers and 15+ ciders & perries *before* you even queue up at the bar!

Letchworth 2012 Beer & Cider Festival Official Android App

preview: Whole list by producer nameThe entire cask ale, foreign beer, cider and perry list is shown.

preview: Beverage taste notesSee the taste notes for your beer (or cider/perry) and write your own!

Created with Eclipse with the official Android plugin and Google Drive Spreadsheet for the 'database'

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preview: Alert Droid App

Alert Droid

Formerly AlertMe for Android. A simple interface to interact with AlertMe systems.

AlertMe Interface for Android devices

preview: Alert Droid Home PageMain section summarizes the state of the system. At a glance you can see if sensors are missing or the number of keyfobs detected.

preview: Alert Droid ScreenshotsMonitor the sensors of the system, and even remotely control the Smart Plug to be on or off

Created with Eclipse with the official Android plugin, using version 2.0 of the AlertMe API

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Some of the things I've played with (web|graphics)


preview: darkgoddess.org

My personal website. Reluctantly using WordPress and Gallery3; features a custom theme that is consistent throughout the website. There is a bunch of random pages demonstrating a range of things including CSS2-3/HTML5, JQuery and SVG integration. (Go to darkgoddess.org)

four seasons (working title)

preview: Four Seasons

A basic game written in GameQuery/JQuery - perhaps I'll turn it into an Android app? Has been tested on the basic Android web browser - requires Flash for sound. (Go to the web game)

bookherds beta (currently offline)

preview: beta.bookherds.net

Search for books on the Amazon database and discuss books with fellow bibliophiles. It was designed for reading groups in mind, with a feature to show your progress. Uses Django and customized Sphene Community Tools.


preview: Ale.gd Colin the Squid

Colin the colossal squid appears in the once graphicless ALE.is.GooD site.

BrewDog #ShirtHot

preview: Brewdog #Shirthot

I was planning on doing a series of Brewdog beer graphics, and but then came along the incentive to. So far only the 'penguin, 'blonde and the 'star are complete (enough.)

Letchworth Beer Festival Logo

preview: Letchworth Beer Festival Logo

My attempt at the Letchworth CAMRA beer festival logo. Still a work in progress, as it needs to be a black squirrel (which Letchworth is famous for).

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

preview: Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Fan art for one of our favourite beers, Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Off to London

preview: Off to London

Artwork for wedding placecards. Modelled by the lovely couple themselves.

Chauie Love Cakes

preview: Chauie Love Cakes

Quick artwork for a small but delicious home-run business.

Sushi Wallpaper

preview: Sushi

Created from photos of sushi that I have cooked up. The images were then manipulated with GIMP.

Find me

Lurking in Hertfordshire, UK - somewhere between London and Cambridge. Stranded on the flat flood plains of Cambridgeshire, slightly northish of Cambridge.

I've shied from the interwebs..

  • darkgoddess.org - personal site, where I rant and sometimes post the contents of my lunch box
  • Google+ - rarely updated "at-least-it-isn't-Facebook" page
  • Twitter - just kidding, I'm trying to stay strong and not give into peer-pressure. So, not a 'tweep' sorry!

Can be found either behind the bar or enjoying a pint at local CAMRA festivals.